linkdrop 1-16-17

​#linkdrop from satuRday to monday, some social media stories for you :  #FYR Goodbye, American Neoliberalism *** The Russia Story Reaches a Crisis Point *** Wells Fargo shutting down 400 branches by 2018 *** The social media

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bRunch linkdrop 1-13-17 

#linkdrop 1-13-17 bRunch with #threadbareR #FYR #news #grassroots 📢  *** 300,000 reasons to read the stories FOIA told this week *** FACEBOOK down this morning for peoples, {author: unverified leaked claims made tomorrow say the RUSSIANS did it. }

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A.M. linkdrop 1-13-17

​#linkdrop 1-13-17 A.M. #AMradio #grassroots  📢 #threadbareR  COMMUNITY SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT via the Intercept #leaksoonleakoften GUCCIFER 2.0 “Guccifer 2.0” is back… Here I am again, my friends! Check my new post about FBI/DHS/NSA reports & their fake evidence #Guccifer2

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n: newsreel 1-12-17

{FYR} #newsreel 1-12-17 Syria warns it will retaliate against Israel The Deep State wins….Trump appears to be backing down DOJ opens investigation on the handling of the Clinton Email Investigation, Comey welcomes and promises cooperation Ivanka Trump

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linkdrop 1-12-17 

​#linkdrop 1-12-17 {FYR} If Obama grants Manning clemency Assange will agree to US extradition despite clear unconstitutionality of DoJ case — WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) January 12, 2017 WINNER^ TOP: These Democrats just voted against Bernie’s amendment to reduce prescription

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hl: Russia Bans Soros NGOs

{FYR} RUSSIA BANS SOROS NGOs Jul 3 2015 Forgein Ministry Praises “Undesirables” Law Excerpt:   Russia’s deputy FM has told senators that the recently introduced law allowing automatic bans on groups that pose a threat to national security was a necessary

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Linkdrop 1-11-17

​*will try to prepare one each day of stories picked up from social media and the internets. {from yesterday  Author’s note, link drops are for ponderment, the links do not contain not reflect my opinion and are for research purposes 

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r: weather modification

{FYR} <<<Weather Modification Preliminary Research Thread>>> #weather #weathermodification #cloudseeding #hygroscopic #glaciogenic #weatherwarfare…82..903S Basics: *********************************************************************************** Pilot of Weather Modification plane dies in crash south of Fargo (Bismarck Tribune: dec 1, 2016) “FARGO – The

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j: deep ocean communities impacted…

 A 24-y time-series study of sinking particulate organic carbon (food) supply and its utilization by the benthic community was conducted in the abyssal northeast Pacific (∼4,000-m depth). Here we show that previous findings of food deficits are now punctuated by large episodic surpluses of particulate organic carbon reaching the sea floor, which meet utilization. Changing surface ocean conditions are translated to the deep ocean, where…

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r: dialectic

Dialectical thinking refers to the ability to view issues from multiple perspectives and to arrive at the most economical and reasonable reconciliation of seemingly contradictory information and postures. Dialectical thinking is a form of analytical reasoning that pursues knowledge and truth as long as there are questions and conflicts. 

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