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300,000 reasons to read the stories FOIA told this week


FACEBOOK down this morning for peoples, {author: unverified leaked claims made tomorrow say the RUSSIANS did it. }


Naked Fear is Blinding Humanity to the Fact our Emperors Have no Clothes

Sourced from above: 

Military Contingencies in Megacities and Sub-Megacities

U.S. Army Document on Urban Warfare Advances Strategy for “Contemporary Stalingrad s”

America’s Pacific Century 
By Hillary Clinton 

America’s Pacific Century

Is the Russian “hack” Another Smokescreen for Another War?


DNC insider: $412k, Ukraine officials to spread dirt on Trump


MONSANTO, BAYER meet with TRUMP over $66b Merger, want to Rebrand
“If successful, Bayer-Monsanto would own 29 percent of the global seed market and a quarter of the global pesticide market, ”


Why Trump’s Insults of Journalists Must be Taken Seriously


FROM THE FACEBOOKS via @WLtaskforce @MediaLens


Roberta Lange runs for DNC Secretary


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Good stuff.


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